Move. Play. Educate.


Everything you need to make the magic happen. The WizeFloor device contains the projector, mini-computer & depth cameras. No external PC needed. It can still be controlled using tablets and smartphones, though.


With WizeFloor, you can get access to its software containing many pre-built educational games covering a wide array of subjects.


Gain access to our community portal where users all around the world share their creations for everyone to have fun and learn!


You can create and save your own game the way you like using the WizeFloor Builder. Choose to share them with the world or save them on our cloud server for personal use.


Appealing to both kids and adults alike, WizeFloor combines light-hearted education with physical activity for a change of pace from the usual sitting-down education that we’re used to. Encourage teamwork, social skills and motivation. Research has also proven that physical interaction with things can improve memory cognition.

Now let’s discuss the Specs.

The hardware consists of a projector (5000 lumens brightness, 4:3 format, 1600×1200 pixels) and a mini-computer (Intel i5/4GB RAM/Win10 64-bit) coupled with a depth camera/sensor and a small keyboard. The depth camera/sensor is unaffected by changing light conditions, but we do not recommend using WizeFloor in direct sunlight to ensure the most optimal image clarity and response time.
The image is projected on a passive vinyl surface. This can be moved from a place to another and doesn’t have to be fixed. The vinyl size (projected area) is 3x4m for the WizeFloor Lite and Pro, and 2x3m for the WizeFloor Go.

One of the major benefits of WizeFloor is that teachers and pupils at
our school can easily create their own learning games for each subject and level.

Pedagogical IT Counsellor, School in Denmark

We found the WizeFloor wasn’t just an interactive floor,
it was so much more with endless potential within our school.

ICT Teacher, SEN school, Northern Ireland

WizeFloor is an exciting upgrade to our school
which has improved the motivation, concentration
and collaboration between our children.

Pedagogical IT Counsellor, school, Denmark
Move. Play. Educate.

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