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Truly Customizable VR Experiences

Whatever your vision is, we can deliver. Picture any educational or training topic that you cannot bring to the institute or corporation, be it because of safety hazards, space limitations or high cost.

We can take your curriculum or training material and turn it into VR content.

How does it work?

A meeting is arranged with your decision-makers to discover what you would need to solve and what field/subject you would like to cover. We are going to offer our ideas and closely listen to yours.

A cost will be estimated and the responsible team will approve a budget with you.

Is it that simple?

The process of VR content creation on our end isn’t. As far as you’re concerned though, all you have to do is choose the platform or VR headsets you want to implement the project on and we will sort the rest. We have a wide range of VR headset offerings that you can choose from as well. After a full review, your project will be ready to launch with no hiccups!

We have worked with the following Institutes and Corporations


Michigan State University in USA

University of Adelaide in Australia

University of Tromso in Norway

University of Essex in UK

Repton Cairo School

The Museum of the World Ocean in Russia

Gazprom Neft in Russia

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works



Alfa Bank


Examples of Our VR Projects

Museum Exhibitions
VR simulator for a MIR deep-sea submersible for The Museum of the World Ocean.
Oil & Gas
Corporation VR Training program developed for Gazprom Neft (Russia).
Industry 4.0 practices
Fully immersive room (IVR) developed for the University of Tromso (Norway) with 12 projectors for wall and floor for visualizing the Fourth Industrial Revolution practices.
Medical Education
Immersive VR 9m cylinder developed for the University of Adelaide (Australia) for medical education, simulation and contextual familiarisation, with integrated video-conferencing to allow for blended learning models.
Engineering (Rigging Lab)
VR simulator for Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works and UralChem for staff training, troubleshooting and assembling a rotary pump.
Business Analytics & Management
VR simulator for Alfa Bank and VTBN Bank.
Marketing & Merchandising
VR solution for Jacobs covering Marketing Research & Consumer Behavior.
Soft Skills
A general VR solution that covers communication and negotiation skills.
Architecture, Social work & Languages
Immersive VR cylinder installation in the Library of Michigan State University (US).
A 5m VR cylinder innovation hub installation developed for the University of Essex (UK) used for telling compelling stories.
Business Start-up Program
A 5m VR cylinder developed for the University of Essex used for visualizing complex data.

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