Spaces that inspire the next generation


The STEM/STEAM Lab will aim to improve confidence and aspiration across both education and business by operating a “STEAM for all” strategy. Our wide range of resources, dedicated training and 24-hour support will ensure you, your team and students will access resources and educational curriculum that will help build 21st Century Skills.

Makeblock Innovation Spaces

The Makeblock Education Innovation Space (MIS) is a school hub facilitating innovative learning. It’s a space where teachers and students can teach and learn, and more importantly, apply 21st century skills. Where the teacher becomes the facilitator and student led enquiry-based learning-to-learn can thrive.

Build Your Own Environment

Your learning environment is completely bespoke to you and your needs. Whether it is a CreativeHUT STEAM Lab with a wide range of resources, or a dedicated solution from one of our brand partners, we want your environment to be specifically for you. Following your consultation, we will help you design a solution that complete fits your needs and objectives. Our Consultants, along with the latest design and VR / AR technology will be there to support you every step of the way.

Build Your STEAM Lab Today