Remote Proctoring for Online Exams with AI Integration


Facial Recognition

What is Remote Proctoring?

Remote proctoring is a technology by which invigilators can remotely proctor a student's webcam and screen in real-time while the online exam is being conducted.
Face Detection

Our patented AI-powered assessment platform can detect if the student is looking away from the screen, warn him/her and notify the examiner.

Periodic Image Capture

Our secure browser feature prevents students from moving out of the software while the exam is being conducted, and can only leave the interface after the exam has concluded.


Real-time geographic coordinates monitoring for every students' device connection to detect any attempts of cheating including remote assistance.


Provides educators with a secure platform for assessments that supports real-time action monitoring and flagging. Cheating has never been this hard thanks to the AI platform.

Extra Features

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