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Vast Compatibility with Windows,
Mac and Chrome

Simply connect your Windows, MAC or Chrome device and use the IBT interface to work quickly, hassle-free.

Easy access to your
day-to-day applications

You aren’t limited to our software, use all your usual software like PowerPoint, Word, Excel and much more!

Highly competitive pricing options
with no compromises on quality

iBT comes loaded with many truly impressive software solutions, no subscription needed.

How iBT stands out from the competition

Designed with everyone in mind.


With iBT’s unique software, Hive, you can access your SMART and Promethean resources. Subscription-free.


All the layering and animation intact. Exactly the way you had it on your older systems.

Software that works for the classroom.

Hive Software allows you to access files directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, Smart Exchange and Classflow (Promethean Planet).

Drag the file onto the canvas and use Hive’s embedded tools, pens and mini apps to enhance your files and create interactive classroom resources. Hive does the conversion for most of the popular file types so you can get to work quickly.

Great for hand writing modelling, no need for special pens.

IBT interactive displays make it easy for students and teachers to express themselves, just walk up to the touchscreen and start writing, the writing experience is smooth and natural with no jagged lines.

Multi-touch capability encourages students to collaborate on the touchscreen together. Accurate hand writing recognition is also available.

Tech that is incredibly simple to use.

Optimise your classroom for digital learning with a collection of software perfect for the classroom; a digital whiteboard with pens, tools and mini apps, classroom collaboration software and more.

Connect your Windows PC or laptop to get access to your Office applications. We’ve made it incredibly easy to toggle between Android & Windows.

Keep your students engaged.

No ugly shadows, and no need to dim the lights or close the blinds, clear text and images reduce eye strain and keep your students engaged with your content with an exceptional viewing experience in daylight without reflection or glare.

Never worry about kids interacting with it.

Hard wearing and scratch resistant screens with toughened glass so you can interact without worry of damage. Perfect for a multi-user environment. No special cleaning is required, a lightly damp cloth can be used to wipe the surface of the touchscreen.

Built for demanding educational environments.

IBT panels can save you from breaking the bank when running a lot of them in your institute. Users of traditional projector based systems and other less-efficient interactive panels will notice IBT solutions are lower maintenance and energy efficient with lower running costs.

No Subscriptions Needed


iBT’s Free Comprehensive Software Solution



Create your digital ink with different coloured pens, shapes and page backgrounds. Handwriting and shape recognition for those who like to sketch out content quickly. Import images and video. The included mini-apps can be used to help you create an engaging innovative delivery style to help keep the attention of your audience.


Hive opens SMART .notebook and Promethean files with all the layering and animation intact! For teachers who have a bank of resources they want to continue using when moving to interactive display technology, Hive offers freedom from subscription fees.

Nuc includes some of the innovative mini-apps you’ll also find in the Hive software. Favourites like the easy screen recorder app, screen capture, magnifier, visualiser and more. Make your presentations more engaging.


Once you have Hive open it’s super-easy to start a Nexus Collaboration session. Students can use their own tablet or laptop devices to connect. Straight away, they’ll be able to see the front-of-class screen mirrored on their device. With your permission they can then contribute to content on the front-of-class screen from their tablet or laptop for everyone to see. Hosts can send files to participants and receive files from participants. 5 participant licences are included with each Hive licence. Additional participant licences can be purchased separately (Hive can create a collaboration nexus of up to 40 users).


Annotate on to ANY file type including video and websites and save the annotations using the screen capture mini app to save your work as a PDF or image for reference or to share.


Don’t like your handwriting? Hive comes with handwriting recognition that converts your writing into easily resizable text. You can also choose the default text and font size for the conversion. You can also convert retrospectively.


Access a library of clipart to help visualise concepts or drop in your own resources just as easily. Easily move the images around, resize them, clone them and cut them. Plug in a flash drive and your files will appear in the resource bank window. Images, PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Smart and Promethean files can be pulled in easily.


Copy the whole or part of your screen (or an irregular shape onto your Hive whiteboard page to create quick up to date resources.

Whilst not a replacement for a dedicated visualiser, adding a webcam to Hive gives you access to the visualier mini-app. Great for projecting content onto your front of room screen. Take snapshots and annotate to create reuseable material.

Paula QuinneyHead Teacher

These work anywhere in the room, in any light, in any direction. The sound quality is very good as well.

Warner StainbankDeputy Head Teacher

Since we have used iBT interactive displays we have found them to be far clearer and easier to use. The children and staff love them!

Sarah JonesKey Stage One Leader

We have seen a huge boost in Key Stage One when we used the boards. The kids are kind of mesmerized by it.

The Federation of Boskenwyn and Germoe Primary Schools

It is the first thing that goes in the morning and the last thing that goes off before I go home.

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