STEAM Course

Our STEAM course helps K-5 educators prepare their students by introducing STEAM concepts from an early age. Use easy-to-teach coding and prototyping solutions to teach science, mathematics, and critical thinking.

The STEAM course provides everything you need to implement STEAM in your classroom. Our 75+ hours of lessons are designed to increase student engagement, decrease teacher workload, and build confidence. Standards Alignment maps and Grade overviews are included to support your planning.

A STEAM course subscription includes access to our Flow-based Coding platform, which makes it easy to introduce coding to all ages. Power up your class with our Bluetooth-connected hardware that lets students bring their projects to life.

From a smart greenhouse to a drag parachute, a seed dispersing squirrel to a model of erosion, each lesson approaches a real-world problem, allowing students to collaborate, create, and learn.

Learn to Code Course

Our Learn to Code course is designed for Grade 4 to Grade 8 educators who are looking to make abstract programming concepts tangible. Designed for teachers at all levels of coding experience, use our easy-to-teach Block-based Coding platform and Bluetooth-connected hardware to bring projects to life.

With over 75+ hours of customizable standards-aligned lesson plans, Learn to Code makes it easy to get started. Standards Alignment maps and Grade overviews are included to support your planning.

Each lesson follows Sam on a mission through Cyberspace, providing students with the opportunity to learn Computer Science concepts, code a program, reflect on, and debug it.

From using selection to code a program that detects danger, to using compound conditionals to play a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, our lessons guide students through increasing programming complexity.

Maker Specialty

The Maker Specialty course allows K-8 educators to support their students with activity-based learning, exploring, and prototyping. With built-in differentiation by experience level, this course is designed for shorter, activity-driven instruction.

Each activity draws from basic, everyday resources, as well as more sophisticated components like physical computing and apps. Free lesson activities get teachers, parents, and students started, while project cards stimulate ideas and help students develop an inventors’ mindset by tackling new challenges through the world of coding and STEAM.

Supplement individual core subjects with project-based learnings to solidify lessons introduced in the traditional core curriculum. Whether you run a 5th Grade Makerspace or are looking for open-ended computational thinking activities for your 8th Grade Science class on Fridays, your students will have the opportunity to creatively problem solve.

Creators Specialty

An alternative to our traditional STEAM and Learn to Code courses, Grade 2 to Grade 8 educators can augment their instruction in our Creators Specialty course. This course comes with NGSS and Common Core (Creators STEAM) or CSTA (Creators Coding) aligned activities that allow students to code, create, and experiment at home or in school, regardless of further changes to their learning environment.

The addition of SAM Labs’ Bluetooth sensors, along with building bricks and accessories in the Creators Coding Kit and Strawbees building straws in the Creators STEAM Kit, makes these courses particularly engaging for students with an interest in the hands-on side of coding, STEAM, and engineering. Build contraptions such as catapults, metronomes, submarines, and more.