Prowise Touchscreen

Touchscreens that breathe education, prioritise your privacy and safeguard the future of the generations that succeed us.

Reliable, packed with functionalities with a sharp design that catches the eye. We want everyone to be able to enjoy a Prowise Touchscreen.

Prowise All-in-One PC

The Prowise All-in-One PC is a computer as well as a tablet. You can use this versatile device for any situation in the classroom.

Teach, divide students into small working groups or enable somebody to carry out exercises independently.

Prowise personal devices

Optimal digital education, that is our mission. Our Chrome and Windows devices are particularly suitable for educational purposes.

This is what gives the edge in the classroom! Especially if you link it to your touchscreen and work with the free Prowise Presenter software.

Prowise Presenter

Design interactive lessons and presentations with Prowise Presenter. Use the educational content we prepared for you in the media library to enrich your lessons.

In Presenter, you always have your teaching tools, backgrounds, images, videos and 3D models in reach. Make your lesson interactive with a ProQuiz or let pupils take each other on with the ProConnect tools